E-commerce intelligence, simplified

All of your e-commerce data in one place, from Shopify orders to Facebook and Google campaign insights. Make better decisions with more complete information and measure the impact of your marketing spend.

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Say Goodbye to Outdated Reports and Presentations

Give your clients access to real-time* insights without ever having to manually update a report or screenshot Facebook Ads Manager again. With Shoplytics, clients get their own login to browse their performance data whenever they need.

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The Dashboard You've Been Dreaming Of

See your revenue and marketing spend data in one place with automated insights such as Universal ROAS and CAC.

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The Missing Piece of Shopify Analytics

Visualize your revenue data like never before. Answer critical business questions based on geographic and temporal trends.

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Marketing Reports You Can Understand

It's no secret the Facebook and Google campaign reports can be hard to understand. Make sense of your data with easy-to-read insights in Shoplytics.

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